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Abominable snowman? Nope: Study ties DNA samples from infamous Yetis to Asian bears


The Abominable Snowman, or Yeti, is a mysterious, ape-like creature that is been a part of the mythology of Nepal and Tibet for hundreds of years.

However the actual Yeti might not be so extraordinary, in line with a brand new find out about printed Tuesday: New DNA samples of bones, enamel, pores and skin and hair of intended Yetis became out to be from bears.

“Our findings strongly recommend that the organic underpinnings of the Yeti legend can also be present in native bears, and our find out about demonstrates that genetics will have to be capable to resolve different, identical mysteries,” mentioned find out about lead scientist Charlotte Lindqvist of the College at Buffalo School of Arts and Sciences.

“This find out about represents essentially the most rigorous research up to now of samples suspected to derive from anomalous or legendary ‘hominid’-like creatures,” the find out about mentioned, “strongly suggesting the organic foundation of the Yeti legend as native brown and black bears.”

Previous to this find out about, “regardless of many years of analysis and anecdotal affiliation with bears and different mammals within the area, the species id of the mysterious Yeti continues to be debated, given the loss of conclusive proof,” the authors famous within the find out about.

Himalayan brown undergo from Deosai Nationwide Park, Pakistan. A brand new find out about ties DNA from purported Yetis to Asian bears, together with Himalayan brown bears. (Photograph: Abdullah Khan, Snow Leopard Basis)

The researchers studied samples corresponding to a scrap of pores and skin from the hand or paw of a Yeti — a part of a monastic relic — and a fraction of femur bone from a decayed Yeti present in a cave at the Tibetan Plateau. The surface pattern became out to be from an Asian black undergo and the bone from a Tibetan brown undergo.

The bears can develop so long as 7 toes and weigh up to 350 kilos.

“Obviously, a large a part of the Yeti legend has to do with bears,” Lindqvist mentioned.

Any other vital discovering was once that the brown bears roaming the top altitudes of the Tibetan Plateau and the brown bears within the western Himalayan mountains seem to belong to 2 separate undergo populations, she mentioned. The 2 teams had been separated from one every other for hundreds of years, regardless of their relative geographic proximity. 

The Yeti samples that Lindqvist tested got to her through Icon Movies, which featured her in an Animal Planet particular Yeti or Now not concerning the origins of the fabled being.

A circle of relatives of Himalayan brown bears, together with a feminine and two cubs, from a digicam entice find out about of untamed bears in northern Pakistan. (Photograph: Norwegian College of Lifestyles Sciences and Snow Leopard Basis.)

Would this era paintings on samples of The usa’s infamous Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch? “Sure, it unquestionably would,” she mentioned, including that every other find out about checked out Bigfoot samples, which steered they got here from more than a few animals, together with the American black undergo, a cow and a raccoon.

“The means that we used would be capable to exactly resolve the id of different purported Bigfoot samples,” she mentioned.

The find out about seemed within the Complaints of the Royal Society B, a peer-reviewed British magazine.


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